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Proposed Site Plan

Introducing the Scheme

Greenham Trust, Aldi Stores Ltd. and Feltham Group are working on new proposals for a mixed-use development on land to the east of Newbury College. The plans include a new Aldi foodstore, a care home, a hospice, sustainable housing, and an electric vehicle charging station. The proposed development will provide significant benefits for the local community with funds raised being used by Greenham Trust to benefit local charitable organisations and supporting the growth of Newbury College to meet the needs of local people and the economy.

The release of this land, to the east of the Newbury College campus, is an integral part of the College’s ongoing educational development strategy, ‘creating opportunities to transform lives’. The funds generated by this development will allow the College to continue with the significant growth of provision for young people, adults and local companies as part of the Government’s plans for a skills-led recovery from the pandemic and in the growth in local ‘green jobs’. The development will also boost opportunities for students to gain valuable work experience and to undertake apprenticeships in key sectors. 

In addition to this, funds raised by the development will be used by Greenham Trust to benefit local charitable organisations.

Aldi is also keen to open a second store in Newbury for residents to the south of the town centre and considers this well-connected location to be ideal.

The proposals further include outline permission for a much needed care home and hospice provision, approximately 90 sustainable new homes, and an electric vehicle charging station to provide for future, sustainable travel needs.

Altogether, this proposal will create a compelling new gateway site for visitors to Newbury from the south.

The proposed new scheme will benefit the local community in three key ways:

Support the continued growth of the professional and technical education provided by the College.

• Generate funds for distribution via Greenham Trust to local charities, community groups and voluntary organisations in the local area.

• Provide new facilities including an Aldi foodstore, a care home and hospice, a high-speed electric vehicle charging station and sustainable family homes.

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